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Attention please Flow Hair Salon clients. I have moved to Courtenay BC. Thank you so much for your friendship and for being my client, I have enjoyed my time with you. I have emailed all those I have addresses for. If you didn't receive an email about my move, please check in with me if you like. If you need a hairstylist I recommend Rick at The Ginger Group 403 999 6466. 

Bless you all, be well.




New Clients: Welcome to Salon Serene. I am presently located in Merville, near Courtenay BC and am in the process of setting up my business. I will be doing mobile hairstyling until I get situated.

I worked as a stylist in Calgary for over 40 years and am now 63 years young. 

In the writings below you can gain an overall understanding of me and my approach to hairstyling.

At some point I intend to have a small salon of my own as I did in Calgary for many years. In the meantime I can come to your home and do your hair. If that feels uncomfortable for you, you have the option to provide me with your contact information and I will let you know when I get set up in my own salon space. Scroll down to access everything you might like to know about me, my values and beliefs, and Salon Serene.

If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions please call me at 403 640 2076 or email at 


Please also note: although I enjoy making house calls I am unfortunately unable to service chronically very ill people due to the fact that I am an empath. If you are not familiar with empaths, here is a link to a doctors explanation, please click here.






In order to maintain clarity and simplicity, if possible, please make appointments through a phone call, no text or email messages unless they are necessary, thanks.







Hairstyling by Jay Lamb


Welcome to Salon Serene, a new kind of salon where you can enjoy a peaceful, comfortable environment and fine quality hairstyling from a stylist with over 35 years experience. 

Salon Serene is different from most salons, the atmosphere is more like that of an art studio. No one's rushing around, there's no blasting music, no TV. Gentle jazz plays in the background, fine art adorns the walls (I’m is also an poet, painter and sculptor) and there's time to have a real, clear conversation regarding your needs. Your visit is one of calm enjoyment in a peaceful, yet vibrant atmosphere.

Although I still enjoy hairstyling after so many years, I have several other creative interests, including playing music, painting, sculpture and poetry. I endeavor to approach all of them from the same focused, peaceful place as this where I find the clearest, most enjoyable inspiration. 

For those interested, I also offer what is known as Silent Service, which is a relatively new thing in salons. It’s a service where you can have your need for quiet time respected. Chatting not required. For me as a stylist this is not difficult as, like many artists, I am somewhat more on the introverted side, and being someone who practices meditation daily, silence is comfortable for me. So if you’ve had enough talking for a while and just want to enjoy being looked after, we can easily do that.

There are certain things that create an inspiring, healthy atmosphere and gossip isn’t one of them, so I try to avoid it.




I do my best to make the salon as healthy an environment as possible, using whatever shampoos, colours and styling products are made by companies that care about such things. Some of my clients are sensitive to certain chemicals (as am I), which is another reason they like it here. I use the lowest toxicity colour I am aware of (see my blog on this on the Salon Serene Blog, scroll down)

I would also rather charge a little less than other stylists of similar skill and experience, which allows me to enjoy a wider variety of clients. I like that an interesting person who perhaps doesn't earn a huge wage can come in without having to save up for a month. I know that I offer as good a haircut and colour as you can get in the most expensive salons (I used to work in them) for less money.


My Approach to Hairstyling

There are two general approaches to doing anything in life. One is to work with nature, the other to work against nature. 

In hairstyling, working against nature is to attempt to put any hairstyle on any type of hair, whether it suits the hair or not. In this approach the hair is forced far outside of its natural limits. Excessive damage and plenty of time styling are almost inevitable because the cut is fighting the hair's natural inclinations instead of enhancing them.

To work with nature is to carefully examine the hair type, become aware of all of its qualities and limitations, intuitively sense the personality of the person and choose a hairstyle that is in harmony with these factors. A hairstyle that is in harmony with nature is working with the hair, therefore needing less styling to make it look good, the hair is happy. This also means less damage to the hair and less work for you. This does not mean the hair cannot be shaped and colored into a wide range of styles using all sorts of styling products and tools when desired, just that I am unwilling to force the hair to a point where what is lost is more than what is gained. It's a question of balance. Healthy, soft, shiny hair is naturally beautiful and should be the foundation from which we never stray.

The way I approach discussing and choosing a hairstyle is also in harmony with nature. I'm not driven by fashions ideals about how a person “should” look, true beauty is much bigger and kinder than that. This does not mean trends and fashion are ignored, just that they are given their proper place within a context of something much more important. My approach is to observe, listen and become aware of who you are, then find a lovely way to express that visually. Whether we decide on a classic cut or a leading edge trend, it is chosen because it feels like a beautiful, true, enjoyable expression of you. It's not something we're applying over top in an attempt to make you "better", it's an extension of our appreciation for you, just as you are.



I am not a typical hairstylist, just as Salon Serene is not a typical hair salon. I don't really even look like a hairstylist, in the usual way we are thought to look. I don't gossip, I don't run around doing nine things at once, I simply enjoy being creative and of service while adding beauty to the world. Someone once called me an artist who also does hair. When I heard that it struck a chord and felt right.

If all of this feels right to you, I hope you will come.

I am also an artist in the contemporary abstract and Asian realms. If you are an art lover, please visit