The Tao of Hairstyling

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Jay Lamb has worked with The Ginger Group, Scenarios Design and Angles. For many years now Jay has had his own, home-based salon. "Working in large salons was a great way to learn and grow but I always yearned for a quieter, more focused, human-friendly environment, something more like an art studio. It seems to have worked, my clients seem to really enjoy the atmosphere; they see it as a place they can just let go".

What's it like at FLOW? There's great music; soft vocal jazz, perhaps a string quartet. Fine art adorns the walls, tea is brewing and nobody's rushing around. You receive attentive, personal service in a place that just feels good.

At FLOW, Jay uses only the least toxic, highest quality (Natulique and Goldwell) colors and products. FLOW even has a powerful air filtration system to keep color fumes to a minimum. 



My Approach to Hairstying

There is a term in Taoism known as Wu Wei. It means to be in harmony with nature, to work with things, rather than forcing them. I don't consider myself a Taoist, but I have come to deeply respect the principals of Wu Wei. I have also seen that this approach can be applied to anyone doing anything. It is a way of being that encompasses all activity.


Each different hair type has it's possibilities and it's limitations. To respect and be aware of them allows me to create a style that is in harmony with the hair, that the hair likes. This does not mean the hair cannot be shaped and colored into a wide range of styles using all sorts of styling products when desired, just that I am unwilling to force the hair to a point where what is lost is more than what is gained.


Many stylists force and torture the hair to achieve a desired style. To me this is a sign of mixed up priorities and a lack of sensitivity. I believe the hair should remain healthy and be as easy to look after as possible. The hair must be comfortable and “willing” to take the shape of the style. Then we know the style is in compatible with the hair's natural inclinations and that our creation is in harmony with nature. Healthy, soft, shiny hair is naturally beautiful and should be the foundation from which we build and never stray.


The way I approach discussing and choosing the particular hairstyle with my client is also harmonious with nature. I'm not driven by fashions ideals about how a person “should” look. True beauty is much bigger and kinder than that. This does not mean trends and fashion are ignored, just that they are given their proper place within a context of something much more important. My approach is to observe, listen and be aware of who my client is, then find a lovely way to express that visually. Whether we decide on a classic cut or a leading edge trend, it is chosen because it feels like a beautiful, true, enjoyable expression of who she is. It's not something we're applying over top, it is an extension of our appreciation for who she is.


This approach to hairstyling stems from a life of creating fine art and music, practising Tai Chi and enjoying daily meditative practices. Through these experiences, I learned that one's highest creative expression comes from a quiet, clear place I like to call flow. Anything coming from flow will be vastly superior and more deeply enjoyable than anything coming from the “normal” avenues of mind.


I am not a typical hairstylist, just as Flow is not a typical hair salon. I don't really even look like a hairstylist, in the usual way we are thought to look. Someone once called me an artist who does hair. When I heard that it struck a chord and felt right. I don't gossip, I don't run around doing nine things at once, I simply enjoy being creative and of service while adding beauty to the world.

If my way of approaching hairstyling resonates with you, I hope you will come.


I am also an artist in the contemporary abstract realm.  If you are an art lover, please visit www.jayromalambart.com