The Fine Art of Hairstyling

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Flow is quite different than most hair salons. The atmosphere is more like that of an art studio. No ones rushing around, there's no blasting music, no TV. Gentle jazz plays in the background, fine art adorns the walls (Jay is also an painter and sculptor) and there's time to have a real, clear conversation regarding your needs. Prices are also quite moderate for a stylist of this caliber and experience. Your visit is one of calm enjoyment in a peaceful, yet vibrant atmosphere.

At Flow, Jay uses only the least toxic, highest quality (Natulique and Goldwell) colors and products. FLOW even has a powerful air filtration system to keep color fumes to a minimum. 

"Flow seems to attract a lot of creative types. There are many artists, writers, teachers and musicians that come, I think it feels comfortable for them. It's not a crazy atmosphere with people running around; there's great music, usually some kind of soft, interesting vocal jazz, art all over the place, design magazines ... it feels like an art studio or gallery. People bring their books and have a quiet read while the music is in the background, we talk when we feel like it and have some fun, but nobody really feels any desire to gossip.

There's also people who are spiritually inclined, as am I. Yoga practioners, nature lovers; they like the energy of the place, it's peaceful, yet vibrant. But all sorts of people come, from those who work in offices to a lady who works at a fire lookout in the mountains. Regardless of the interests, the people that stay for years are those who would rather be here than in a typical salon environment.

Some clients want classic cuts and don't change it often, others want whatever is the leading edge, it's all available, just in a different context.

I do my best to make the salon as healthy as an environment as possible, using whatever shampoos, colours and styling products are made by companies that care about such things. Some of my clients are sensitive to certain chemicals (as am I), which is another reason they like Flow.

I would also rather charge a little less than other stylists of similar skill and experience; this allows me to enjoy a wider variety of clients. I like that an interesting person who perhaps doesn't earn a huge wage can come in without having to ponder if she can afford it. I know that I offer as good a haircut or colour as you can get in the most expensive salons (I used to work in them) for significantly less money. "


My Approach to Hairstying

There are two general approaches to doing anything in life, including hairstyling. One is to work with nature, the other to work against nature.

In hairstyling, working against nature is to attempt to put any hairstyle on any type of hair, whether it suits the hair or not. In this approach the hair has often been forced too far outside of its natural limits. Excessive damage and plenty of time styling are almost inevitable because the cut is fighting the hair's natural inclinations instead of enhancing them. 

To work with nature is to carefully examine the hair type, become aware of all of its qualities and limitations, choose a hairstyle that is in harmony with these factors, create it with sensitivity and skill, then use mousses, sprays and styling tools in moderation to finish.The hairstyle that is in harmony with nature is working with the hair, therefore needing less styling to make it look good, the hair is happy. This means less damage to the hair and less work for you. This does not mean the hair cannot be shaped and colored into a wide range of styles using all sorts of styling products and tools when desired, just that I am unwilling to force the hair to a point where what is lost is more than what is gained. It's a question of balance. Healthy, soft, shiny hair is naturally beautiful and should be the foundation from which we never stray.


The way I approach discussing and choosing a hairstyle with you is also in harmony with nature. I'm not driven by fashions ideals about how a person “should” look. True beauty is much bigger and kinder than that. This does not mean trends and fashion are ignored, just that they are given their proper place within a context of something much more important.

My approach is to observe, listen and become aware of who you are, then find a lovely way to express that visually. Whether we decide on a classic cut or a leading edge trend, it is chosen because it feels like a beautiful, true, enjoyable expression of you. It's not something we're applying over top in an attempt to make you "better", it's an extension of our appreciation for you, just as you are.

I am not a typical hairstylist, just as Flow is not a typical hair salon. I don't really even look like a hairstylist, in the usual way we are thought to look. Someone once called me an artist who does hair. When I heard that it struck a chord and felt right. I don't gossip, I don't run around doing nine things at once, I simply enjoy being creative and of service while adding beauty to the world.

If my way of approaching hairstyling resonates with you, I hope you will come.


I am also an artist in the contemporary abstract realm.  If you are an art lover, please visit www.jayromalambart.com