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Hi Everyone, here are my covid safety protocols: as of sept 17 2021 I am limiting traffic to 1 client in the salon at a time, until things settle down. I have a large air filtration unit most of you have seen. I have a hepa filter on it and leaving it on all the time while there are people in the salon. This system exchanges the air in the salon quite rapidly. I will also crack a window when it's warm enough outside. Please bring your mask and please postpone your appointment if you are sick in any way. Thanks.

Hi Everyone, obviously, please wear a mask, it must be the over the ear type. The salon is plenty big enough for social distancing. I will be doing everything within reason to be safe, including spraying surfaces between clients with bleach solution, wearing a mask and cleaning cutting capes after each use. I will also play great and beautiful music that will drive away anything with an intent to do harm. I would like to continue to keep Flow as a kind of refuge from the world and will do my best to keep the atmosphere enjoyable and positive. See you soon.

How to cut your bangs

Bangs driving you bananas? Thinking of attacking them yourself? Here's some help. Here's how to cut you own bangs without ending up looking like a Franciscan monk. No offence to any Franciscan monks, but you're not supposed to be on Facebook anyway.


1) Locate the best scissors you have and wipe whatever goo may be on them off them. If their dull or just really terrible scissors, say your prayers first or better yet, go to the drug store or Walmart and purchase some hair cutting scissors. As long as you don't get the cheapest ones, they should suffice.

2) Don't do what you've seen your stylist do, meaning:

3) Don't cut your bangs wet. Cut them dry when you are wearing your hair how you normally wear it.

4) Don't hold the bangs down with any pressure, just comb them to a reasonable evenness and cut them free hand, without holding them as your stylist does.

5) Cut half as much as you think they need, then fluff them around to see how they fall, then cut a little more if they need it.

6) Some people will try breaking up the ends so the bangs are not too blunt. It's risky, I wouldn't recommend it unless you're willing to go slow and learn how to do it very carefully. If you have some thinning shears, it's a little safer way to do it.





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Flow Hair Salon

If the thought of having a fine quality haircut in a comforting, relaxing atmosphere appeals to you, Flow may be a place you'll enjoy. Flow is a home based salon near Marda Loop, operated by Jay Lamb, a stylist with over 30 years experience in all aspects of hairstyling.

Flow specializes in natural, healthy hair. Only the gentlest, least toxic products are used, including Natulique colour. Naturlique, from Denmark, is popular in Europe and the USA but Flow is (according to the distributor) the only salon in Calgary using it. Have a look at my newsletter on hair colour toxicity and safety, right here on this website under the Flow Newsletter tab.

Need a second opinion on something that happened to your hair or something you're thinking of having done? Jay offers free second opinions, over the phone or in person with no obligation, call and leave a message. 

If you would like to have a free phone or salon consultation, or for an appointment, please call  403 281 1704 and leave a message if necessary. Please note that I don't take email or text messages for appointments but if there is ever a problem with the phone line, please email jaylambstuff@gmail.com.

Jay works: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Flow is located at 34 Lissington Dr. SW, Calgary, just a moment from Marda Loop.

If you are an art lover, please visit www.jayromalambart.com