The Tao of Hairstyling

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Welcome to Flow. If the thought of having a fine quality haircut in a comforting, relaxing atmosphere appeals to you, Flow just may be a place you'll enjoy. Flow is dedicated to the emerging awareness that a peaceful environment and creative vitality compliment each other, with beautiful results. Jay Lamb has over 30 years experience in all aspects of hairdressing.

Please call Jay at 403 281 1704. Leave a message if necessary. Please note that I don't take email or text messages for appointments but if there is ever a problem with the phone line, please email jaylambstuff@gmail.com.

Jay works: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Flow is a home-based salon located at 34 Lissington Dr. SW, Calgary, just a moment from Marda Loop.

If you are an art lover, please visit www.jayromalambart.com